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Why it’s Mandatory to Perform Testing of Google Translate App

Now translate in-between more than 103 languages with the help of Google Translate app. It’s the perfect app out there, especially when you want to translate any website, message or article into your own native language. Google translate app is used by more than five million smartphone users across the globe. This app requires precise test analysis measures with the help of a software testing company having years of experience in automation test analysis. Automation is the modern way of ascertaining the overall quality of an app on all available platforms and devices. Software test analysis of Google translate app is really essential to deliver expected benefits. The more this app will be tested out the better it will transform the results. You can achieve the following benefits through Google translate app.
  • Translate in-between 103 languages
  • Copy any text and paste it into a translator to get results in native languages
  • Use your camera to translate text into 38 languages
  • Two-way instant speech translation 
  • Draw characters instead of using keyboards

Automation Testing Measures for Google Translate App

Often it happens that the user of Google translate app have to face vulnerabilities while performing different functions. This happens because of the failure of testing strategy or unavailability of employment of testing procedures. Automation testing is more reliable and results-oriented in comparison to manual testing as it delivers perfect quality testing within no space of time. 

Automation testing delivers the following benefits.
  • It is Cost Efficient 
  • Time-Saving
  • Enhancement Of Quality
  • Optimize Productivity 
  • Reusability of test cases
Automation is the most effective and fully reliable approach towards achieving overall accuracy in any app performance. Sustainability in software quality assurance is necessary to achieve expected results. It’s the responsibility of developers engaged in the project of Google Translate app to assure the quality of their app on all available platforms and devices. The more they will be consistent while performing testing tools the higher will be the ratio of the success of their app. The procedure of automation testing is as follows.
  • Evaluation of testing requirements & technology tools selection
  • Defining out the testing scope and resources
  • Framework implementation and script preparation
  • Capturing of Results, reviews, and analysis 
  • Removal of defects and error reporting


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