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Mobile App Testing Protocols for WhatsApp Messenger App

WhatsApp messenger app is a free messaging app available for both android and iOS smartphone users to make conversations with friends and family in a reliable fashion. This app can be considered as the most advanced and highly recognized conversation app, used by the millions of smartphone users across the globe. It’s always mandatory for the developer of this app to assure consistency and reliability in results. To achieve quality, they have to hire a mobile apps testing company having years of experience in quality assurance and performance analysis. A mobile app testing company use a diversified range of testing frameworks like automation analysis, performance analysis and security analysis to achieve desired results.

Why it’s Mandatory to Test WhatsApp APP

Yes, it’s mandatory to assure the overall performance quality and performance of WhatsApp by hiring the services of a mobile app testing company. As the development team of Whatsapp software has to install updates after few intervals, so it’s mandatory for them to perform optimized app QA with the help of mobile apps testing company. They have to be consistent in their quality assurance framework implementation, otherwise desired perfection cannot be achieved. An experienced mobile apps testing company use a wide range of quality assurance artifacts to assure quality out of a software. WhatsApp app deliver the following features.
  • No Fee Cost
  • Can Send Multimedia Images and photos
  • Free of cost calling
  • Can make new groups and do chatting
  • Save messages or images of your conversation
WhatsApp app must have to be analyzed in a reliable fashion with the help of a mobile apps testing company, especially at the time of releasing new updates. Any security vulnerability or overlap can affect the desired performance standards big time. If a testing company is hired at that stage, than it will be feasible for the development team to accomplish quality for a long lasting period. It’s the responsibility of app developers to conduct optimized level mobile app testing to assure perfection for a significant time period.

The Process of Mobile App Testing

A mobile apps testing company use the following process to assure quality in their app by employing following framework.
  • End user experience testing through real users test analysis and users reviews.
  • Hardware test analysis through iOS hardware testing and android testing. 
  • Cross platform test analysis through compatibility analysis and real platform analysis. 
  • App adaptability testing through operating system adaptability and device adaptability. 
  • App communication medium testing through app wireless testing and network testing.


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