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How Performance Testing Works Actually! Let’s See Its Cycle

Sustainability in performance is like sustainability in quality. Often, it happens that after the few years of release; any particular software or app lose its quality due to inaccessibility of performance testing measures. Performance testing is now essential for all IT infrastructures and development houses around the globe to rectify bugs and vulnerabilities in their services process to maintain expected performance standards. Performance evaluation process determine throughput levels, reliability, and availability of any IT system and compare it with a benchmark to evaluate accurate performance. Performance testing is an essential testing framework to assess any overall software enactment on diverse nature operating system and devices. Performance testing also helps to evaluate the quality of a system in case if some users are accessing a software increase the limit. Performance testing on a continuous basis can contribute to retaining quality for a sustainable period. So it mean…

How Penetration Testing Works? Let’s have a look on it

Thriving Banking & Financial institutions are facing a huge risk regarding the quality assurance of their financial products as financial security is now becoming a huge challenge for them to maintain user’s reliability. Commercial software & apps need to be tested & evaluated with a consistent approach so as to maintain optimum quality standards. As now, more than 38 %of the IT spending is done by the development firms around the globe to preserve optimum quality standards, so it is now essential for every financial institution out there to hire the services of a Penetration testing team so as to maintain the quality of their IT infrastructure. Quality assurance managers of any financial intermediary have to keep in mind the significance of penetration testing of all the IT infrastructures installed in their service departments. In a case of any negligence, they might have to face a decline in overall customer reliability in their financial products. Here is the list of …