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Software Testing Services: Types and Levels

Software testing is the process of checking any computer software with the intention of finding any errors and correcting it. It undertakes to check it for its quality and reliability so that the end users are satisfied and do not face any problem once they start using it. Particular functions, specifications and performance of the developed software are examined and evaluated. 

The two processes combined to check software are Validation and Verification. Verification undertakes to see if the software is conforming to its specification or not whereas Validation is the process of checking what the user really requires.

How Software Testing Works Actually?

Testing is an extremely important phase in software development. The use of computers is not limited to the desk only they have moved into everything we use. Almost all the devices we use have computer software thus making testing even more necessary. Software testing ensures that a program is run the way it was supposed to run in the first place, that is without any errors. It undertakes to enhance the quality and reliability of a program.

Two types of testing are the most commonly used testing services. They are the black-box testing technique and the white-box testing technique.

Kualitatem - A Mobile App Testing Company With All The Answers

Yes, we have all been there. Daydreaming about creating our own perfect app. An app that will rule the space on every smartphone globally. An app that is convenient, reliable and adds value to our everyday lives. However, what you need is a reliable software testing company that can do all the leg work as you work on your next great idea at your leisure. First thing you should do then is probably look tediously through a list of mobile software testing companies. Wrong, you have absolutely no need whatsoever.
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