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Why It’s Important To Use Test Management Tools

Software testing is a complicated method that takes time to delivers expected results. Software test management tools can make software testing a fully productive and reliable process to endure quality for a long-lasting time. A wide range of test management tools are available out there, but Kualitee is the most advanced and reliable one when it comes to quality assurance. Kualitee is an ultimate test management solution for the QA professionals of a software testing services firm to maintain the quality of their refined products for a long-lasting time span. This specific test management tool delivers the following test analysis benefits to all of its users.

Customizable Test Fields

Kualitee is a kind of a tool which helps its users to prepare customizable test fields according to the test project requirement. If you have a third party integrated data source, then kualitee will surely help you to implement your test cases efficiently. A flexible testing approach will be there for the testing professionals to measure the quality of an IT product.

Make Test Copies and Save Time

With kualitee, any tester can make the copies of their test cases and can save them for the further use in future.  As a testing unit, if you're using a third-party integrated data source, then must use Kualitee to establish optimized level quality in results.  Test copies can save your time in a long run when you have to create repetitive test cases.

Use Attachment Throughout QA Process

Now, you can use screenshots to link your test cases and maintain an overall expected quality of software under testing. Software testing services firms love this specific feature of kualitee to make their testing frameworks more understandable and result oriented. Likewise, the other available test management tools kualitee also helps to prepare comprehensive test reports and keep track of their test coverage.

Bug Identification

Kualitee gives a detailed picture of all kinds of defects identified during test analysis cycle. With the help of Kualitee, you can track the bugs in multiple ways. You can monitor the bug history any time with various information pointers. It’s information-rich format allow QA testing teams to follow the bugs using information-rich format and report any functional or performance abnormality at the spot.

In a Nut Shell, QA procedures are so essential to maintain the quality of an IT infrastructure over the period. Test management tools are the only way out to improve preciseness in ending results for a long-lasting time.


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