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How Software Testing Works Actually?

Testing is an extremely important phase in software development. The use of computers is not limited to the desk only they have moved into everything we use. Almost all the devices we use have computer software thus making testing even more necessary. Software testing ensures that a program is run the way it was supposed to run in the first place, that is without any errors. It undertakes to enhance the quality and reliability of a program.

Two types of testing are the most commonly used testing services. They are the black-box testing technique and the white-box testing technique.

Black-Box Testing
Black –box testing is also known as the input/output testing. In this type of testing you do not take into account the internal specifications of a program. Rather it focuses on the output generated by an app. Black-box testing methods include: equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, all-pairs testing, state transition tables, decision table testing, fuzz testing, model-based testing, use case testing, exploratory testing and specification-based testing.

White-Box Testing:
White-box testing is also known as the logic-driven testing. This technique focuses on the internal structure of the program. Techniques used in white-box testing include API testing, Code coverage, Fault injection methods, Mutation testing methods and Static testing methods.

Basic Principles Of Testing:
Some of the basic principles of software testing are as follows:
  • To study carefully the output and inputs of a program
  • Executing a program with the intention of finding errors
  • A developer should not be performing the test as it is difficult to find errors in you won work
  • A thorough study of the results is a must
Human Testing VS Computer Testing
Human testing involves reading the software code and the methods are applied between the times when the program is coded to the time when computer testing begins. Finding an error earlier helps in lowering down the costs in computer based testing. The human effort is concentrated on discovering errors thus saving time and cost when correcting them.

Static VS Dynamic Testing
Reviews, walk throughs, or examinations are part of static testing process whereas actually executing programmed code with a given set of test cases is referred to as dynamic testing. This takes place when the program itself is run. Static testing involves verification whereas dynamic testing involves the validation process and together they help improve software quality thus making it more reliable.

Over the last few years software testing has become crucial for application reliability and sustainability and many organizations have understood the importance of it before releasing a software program into the market. Thus software testing services play a vital role in the development and structure of any program.


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