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Advantages Of Automation Testing

Automation testing is always heaving more advantages then manual testing and because of that reason developers love to use that testing process. Some of you might have use the method of manual testing but it is having too much drawbacks due to which developers shows reluctance to use that testing process. In case of manual testing developers have to do a huge amount of investment in human resource to carry on manual testing. As well as manual testing is long, time consuming and hard process as compared to automation but doesn’t provide guarantee about the successfulness of testing process. With the advancement in software and mobile application industry it becomes necessary for developers to adopt modern ways of testing that ensure more accuracy and improvement in their developed apps and software’s. Automation is the necessary part that must have to be carried out in order to improve any kind of inefficiency from designed software or application.

Automation testing is considered as the backbone of software and mobile application testing process. It became essential because of the reason it provides more benefits and advantages than any other testing. Here are the some advantages that developers can get by using automation to test their developed mobile application and software’s. The most important advantage of automation testing is that it is time saving and that that counts during the regression analysis; Regression analysis is the main feature of automation testing and it is important to carry out within less time. Automation testing makes it possible for the developers to generate more accurate results with in less time period.

Repeat test with successful results is heaving more importance and in case of manual testing it cannot be possible. Automation testing allows developers to repeat test with same configurations in order to check the reliability and accuracy of a specific application or software. By repeating a test through automation it becomes easy for developers to judge performance and consistency of their developed software and mobile applications. On the other hand a specific automation test can be reused for different versions of software’s and mobile applications; that might not be possible in case of manual testing.

Every one especially in the field of software’s and mobiles application development keep an eye on return on investment. Finance mangers keep eye on the cost of testing that might impact on the other areas of business. Automation testing process is cost effective and economical as compared to manual automation testing. It not simply ensures the quality of any software or mobile application that has been developed but as well as it allows developers to maintain a process that leads to improve in quality assurance of their projects. Any time when a specific software or mobile application is developed it has been evaluated that either it is of that capability to provide required results that has been assumed form it. Automation testing simply helps developers to find the actual output and productivity of their developed software’s and mobile applications more accurately; and that is the reason why automation testing is used more frequently then manual testing.

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