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Software Testing Services: Types and Levels

Software testing is the process of checking any computer software with the intention of finding any errors and correcting it. It undertakes to check it for its quality and reliability so that the end users are satisfied and do not face any problem once they start using it. Particular functions, specifications and performance of the developed software are examined and evaluated. 

The two processes combined to check software are Validation and Verification. Verification undertakes to see if the software is conforming to its specification or not whereas Validation is the process of checking what the user really requires.

Software testing services is generally categorized into two types of testing. They are:

1. White-box Testing

In white-box testing knowledge of the internal design and code of the software is required. It is basically used for the verification process.

2. Black-box Testing

Knowledge of the internal design or code is not required in this type of testing. It is used for the validation process so tests are based on requirements and functionality of the software only.

There are different testing levels of software as well. They are as follows:

• Unit testing

• Integration testing

• System testing


This test is conducted by the developers where each module is tested individually.


This type of testing is performed once all the modules are unit tested. It undertakes to identify errors in the software. It is further sub-divided into other types namely Big Bang Integration testing, Top Down Integration testing, Bottom Up Integration testing and Mixed Integration testing.


System testing is performed to check that the overall system’s function and elements are performing well or not. The different types of system tests are: Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, Acceptance Testing and Performance Testing.

Kualitatem is an independent software testing company that aims to provide quality products to its clients. Since its foundation the company has been able to secure many respectable clients and businesses through the value of its work. The list of testing services that Kualitatem offers is as follows:

• Web Application Testing

• Mobile App Testing

• Enterprise App Testing

• Functional Testing

• Performance Testing

• Automation Testing

• Platform Compatibility Testing

• Security Testing

Web Application Testing:

This testing process ensures that the app is compatible with all browsers and is working across different operating systems.

Mobile App Testing:

Mobile App testing is conducted to make sure that an app on the hand held device works for everyone everywhere.

Enterprise App Testing:

This testing App ensures end to end system integrity and smooth flow of data in between various business layers.

Functional Testing:

Functional testing is testing to ensure that the all the required functions of the system are working properly.

Performance Testing:

Performance testing is done just to check the reliability and responsiveness of an app in case of increased load and stress.

Automation Testing:

As opposed to manual testing service, automation testing services helps cutting cost by 40% and reduces test time by over 20%.

Platform compatibility Testing:

Platform Testing checks an app for its adaptability and responsiveness across different browsers, operating systems and devices.

Security Testing:

The main objective of security testing is to secure the software from internal and external threats.

People across the globe have become too dependent on the virtual world. They have easy access to everything while on the go and therefore, they don’t want an app or software that doesn’t do what it is required to do in seconds. In order to achieve this efficiency, testing has become very crucial in software development. Kualitatem offers reliable, cost efficient and quality solutions to its clients making it one of the most sought after software testing company in the world.


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